Thursday, February 11, 2010

Calypso Recommends West Coast Imaging

From Joe Levine of Calypso Imaging:

Dear Friends,

After careful thought and consideration, we want to recommend to you West Coast Imaging for any and all of your digital imaging projects. WCI has long been a competitor of ours, and has earned our respect and admiration for the quality of their work and the integrity of their business practices. Rich Seiling, the owner of WCI (with wife Susan), is a fine photographer and an incredibly informed digital imaging expert. Rich and I have spoken at length about the nature of our respective clients, and find ourselves on the same page in terms of providing service and quality. I have visited WCI in Oakhurst California on a number of occasions and know first hand of the high standards that they adhere to.

WCI provides most of the same services that Calypso has provided to you. Take a look at their web site to get an idea of their technical proficiency and dedication to photographic image making. I strongly suggest that you have us transfer to WCI the files that you currently have archived with Calypso which will assist in a smooth transition and provide the least interruption of services to you. (We, of course, will only do this with your written permission, so send us an e-mail and tell us to do so!).

I think you will find Rich and his staff most approachable and eager to partner with you in your imaging projects. WCI is located near Yosemite, in a spectacularly beautiful part of California, and I am sure they would make you feel welcome if you were to give them a little notice of your arrival.

Best regards,

Joe Levine

Calypso Imaging

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