Friday, February 10, 2006

Digital Print Survives Katrina

There is no substitute for real world 20 feet of salt water and 3 months in the direct sun.

Posted with Hahnemühle's Permission.

News From Hahnemuhle USA
February 9, 2005

Digital Print Survives Katrina
Illustrated you will see a scan of the Piezotone print that survived 20 feet of salt water and three months in the blazing southern sun. This print was framed and you can see the mark that the mat made but the print area is pristine and exactly matches the image before the storm. In the other image you will see the site of the house where the image was found- the house that the print was in was completely demolished, this house was next door. Two prints were found showing no evidence of fading! The print was printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag with Piezotone ink in Warm Neutral with Museum Black.
The artist, Tina Freeman says, “These prints are tough- no silver print would have survived intact this trial, we are still looking for images and yet to find any more but they may be buried beneath the rubble in the house which is about 150 yards northeast of the original site. Your prints survive!”

The last print was of the Louisiana marshes before Katrina - over 100 square miles disappeared during the storm. Approximately 35 square miles - the size of Manhattan disappears every year usually.

This print will be on display at the Hahnemuhle booth #4981 and at the Press Sneak Peek in Orlando at PMA.

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