Wednesday, October 01, 2008

In Memory of Steve Fossett

This picture of Minaret Summit is in memory of Steve Fossett, the great adventurer. ID cards belonging to Fossett were found in the area Tuesday, and a search is underway for the wreckage of his plane.

Even though Minaret Summit is on the other side of the Sierra from me, it's still in Madera County where I live. It's about 3.5 hours by car this time of year, but just 40 miles away by air.

The vista from Minaret Summit is spectacular with views of the Minarets, which are a series of rugged peaks, along with great views of Mt. Ritter and Banner Peak, which sit at the headwaters of the San Joaquin River and Thousand Island Lake. It is a spectacular place to hike and to fly over. We can only speculate that Fossett was taking in the magnificent view when his tragic accident occurred. Having it happen in a place that is so near and dear to me only brings the tragedy closer.

Rest in peace Steve.

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