Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Video - Ansel Adams Interview

Ansel Adams interviewed in 1983 for the BBC series Master Photographers.


Geotagging Made Easy With Nikon P6000

Geotagging is a whole lot easier when your camera (like the Nikon P6000) includes a GPS receiver and automatically logs the location of your photos.

Geotagging is becoming mainstream, as it integrates with the immersive online experience offered by photo sharing sites and incredible resources like Google Earth. Integrating it directly into the camera is an obvious step in the ongoing evolution of digital cameras. I suspect that GPS receivers will be standard equipment in most cameras very soon.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Color Accurate Laptop Meets Important Need

Photographers who use Windows laptops have an exciting new option with the Leveno Think Pad W700.

Aimed specifically at the professional graphics user, the W700 is equipped with a host of features that graphics professionals rely on, including a color-accurate LCD, integrated color calibration, integrated Wacom graphics tablet, and dual hard drive RAID storage.

The deficiencies in color accuracy of laptop LCD displays are well known. They are not made with the same technology of “color accurate” LCDs. Even with careful calibration, laptop LCDs display poor and inaccurate color and density. Leveno has changed that by equipping its W700 with an LCD that can display 72% of AdobeRGB. This is as accurate as the best CRT displays, and is more than adequate for even fine art printmaking.

As a Mac user, I can only hope that Apple takes note and realizes that there is a demand for a premium laptop that caters to the needs of photographers, designers, cinematographers, and other creative professionals who need accurate color in a portable solution. For Windows users, you can have that solution now. My kudos to Leveno for seeing what the market needs, and being first to put a color accurate LCD in a laptop. I hope other manufacturers will follow suit shortly.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Noise Ninja for Aperture released

August 5 , 2008 -- Noise Ninja for Aperture released

PictureCode today released a plug-in version of Noise Ninja for Apple's Aperture photo editing and management software. The plug-in allows Aperture users to employ best-of-breed noise reduction without leaving the Aperture workflow. The official release is available on their website.

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