Friday, July 31, 2009

Follow Up: Michael Jones at CSU Summer Arts

Dan McGeorge, a participant in the CSU Summer Arts program, sent a quick email to Michael reflecting on the course and how it's affecting his photography:
After returning home from the class I spent some time with another excellent and experienced photographer who processes images using the common approach of pinning the black point in raw, and moving everything possible over to the right while keeping within the histogram. He emphasized use of the RGB histograms in processing. I worked on a raw image using this method, then brought up the identical image I had already done the Michael Jones way. MICHAEL WON! When my friend saw the difference between the two images he was speechless.
Dan was also kind enough to send this photograph of the exhibition.

The best part of photography, in my opinion, is still the final print. Even with all the many ways to share your work—from blogs to Flickr to Facebook and more—there's just no experience quite like seeing the final piece. A print on the wall invites you to walk into the scene; to feel the wrought iron; to stare into the eyes of a beautiful stranger; to feel the wind from the approaching storm. I hope the students had the opportunity to "live" in their prints, and invite others to do the same.

Thanks again, Dan, for sharing with us. To see more of Dan's work visit his website at

Monday, July 27, 2009

Michael Jones at CSU Summer Arts

Last week, WCI Expert Printmaker Michael Jones returned to the California State University Summer Arts Program, where he showed students how to prepare their images for printing. Jones taught students the skills and techniques he uses everyday in his job as a printmaker at West Coast Imaging. Sharing what we do at West Coast Imaging is always uplifting and rewarding, and the course structure took great advantage of Jones's natural talents as a printmaker, and as a teacher. This is the fourth year Jones has participated in the program, which took place in Fresno.

The course culminated with an exhibition of work the students created throughout the week. I caught up with Jones and the CSU Summer Arts Program Coordinator Scott Burgess the night before the exhibition opened. Here's a video blog of my interview, which provides inspiration, and insight on the creative exploration offered at the CSU Summer Arts program. If you haven't had the chance to go, check out the program so you can attend in 2010!

photo courtesy Karen Burgess