Monday, September 15, 2008

Call for Entries--Yosemite Renaissance XXIV--Deadline: Nov. 15, 2008


Yosemite Renaissance is an annual juried competition/exhibition intended to encourage diverse artistic interpretations of Yosemite. Its goals are to bring together the works of serious contemporary artists that do not simply duplicate traditional representations. Historically, the arts have played a very important role in the establishment of our State and National Parks. It is our hope that they can be just as important in future efforts to preserve and protect that heritage.

Entries should be recent works on the landscape, environment, wildlife, and people of Yosemite or the Sierra Nevada. Both representational and non-representational submissions are accepted. Entries may be in any fine art medium including painting, photography, drawing, and printmaking, textile and sculpture.

Entries in the form of digital files are due by November 15, 2008. The entry fee is $15 per entry. There is no limit to the number of entries an artist may submit. Up to 45 pieces may be selected for the exhibition.

Please visit for details and entry forms.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Fun - Make your own Jackson Pollock

So you think dripping paint is easy, huh? Test your skill at where you can make your own Jackson Pollock style painting right in your browser.

Is it art? That's up to you, but it sure is a fun way to blow off some steam on a Friday.

Now if they'd just come up with a web module to make your own Lee Krasner painting. My art history teacher always lamented that her work took a back seat to Pollock's in terms of critical acclaim.....I guess she was right.......

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Photoshop 7 users, it’s time to upgrade!

Still using Photoshop 7? Then it’s time to upgrade because Adobe is getting ready to release Photoshop CS4 September 23, 2008.

If you are running Photoshop 7, then you need to upgrade to CS3 (not CS4) today.

Why? Photoshop CS3 only upgrades copies of Photoshop 7 or later. Chances are that CS4 will only upgrade CS and later. So if you want to be able to keep upgrading your copy of Photoshop, and you currently have PS7, CS3 is your last chance to upgrade without having to buy a whole brand new copy of Photoshop.


Friday, September 05, 2008

NEW PRODUCT: Custom Files

We're excited to announce Custom Files, a new product that will give you more options and flexibility in your digital photography workflow.

For over a decade we've been creating superb files for Exhibition Prints. Excellent imaging work is at the core of what we do, and now we're making this talent available to everyone (not just customers who need prints), with our Custom File product.

Photography has evolved, and photographers now have huge collections of digital camera files that need to be corrected for contrast, color, etc., before they can be used. Many photographers want to trust this process to someone else. That is where Custom Files come into play.

A Custom File is a digital camera file or scan that has been corrected in Photoshop by our Expert Printmakers so you can use them for printing; digital submissions; your website; for books; or any other imaging need you have. Our Expert Printmakers adjust your file for density, contrast, color, and saturation, and also make local changes like dodging and burning. Custom Files are available in any size, and we give you the final layered file on DVD.

Having Custom Files of your favorite images means they are always ready for delivery, no matter what your need. They give you the portability, useability, and control required to achieve your photographic goals.

Using West Coast Imaging to create your Custom Files offers two significant benefits:

1. You gain immediate access to our excellent staff, which has unparalleled experience at making images truly resonate as digital files.

2. You free up your time and resources. Instead of being in front of a computer, you can spend more time in the field, and avoid the expense of hiring a dedicated imaging staff.

Let us handle your Photoshop needs so you can better choose where you spend your time. We are ready to handle any projects, large and small, and to meet your unique deadlines and requirements.

Visit our website for complete details, then call one of our Expert Printmakers to discuss your next project.

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WCI website offline - UPDATED!

Having trouble accessing our website? That's because our hosting provider is having problems. We apologize for the inconvenience. Our hosting provider is working to resolve it as soon as possible.

UPDATE 9.5.08 12:45 PST

A router is down and our hosting service is working to restore it as quickly as possible.

UPDATE 9.5.08 1:45 PST

We're back online.

Tuolumne Gas Station Closed For Upgrades

Beginning Monday, 9/8, the Tuolumne Gas Station will be temporarily closed for vapor recovery and dispenser upgrades. Fuel will not be available from 9/8 until 9/29. The sport shop will remain open for business and propane will still be available through 9/21, daily from 9 AM to 5 PM. Fuel is still available at Crane Flat Station 24 hrs/day. (NPS Press Release)

[Editor: Fill up in Lee Vining at the Mobil Station instead and enjoy some yummy fish tacos while you are there!]

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

New WCI Website Online

We've redesigned and revamped our website, making it easier to use.

Check out our Product section to learn about our new Custom File product, and to see the other products WCI offers to meet your imaging needs. 

Both experienced and novice photographers will benefit from the information in our Info section, which features articles, video tips, photoshop tips, charts and other helpful information.

Customers who like to check the status of their orders can now do so online - sign up for online access to our Order and Invoice Kiosk, and you can view your account 24/7. 

Enjoy the new site!

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